Yakima Washington Homes

Yakima Washington currently has more than 800 different homes for sale. These include both MLS listings and Homes for Sale by owner.

Most of the homes for sale in Yakima Washington consist of single family homes. Less than 8 percent of the residential homes in Washington are condos, townhouses, or co-ops. Yakima has several multi-million dollar homes on large estates. Yakima WA also offers smaller twin homes, and older homes that can be purchased for less than $30,000. The median home price in the Yakima area is about $137,000, meaning that half of the homes are more expensive than $137,000 and half are less expensive.

Yakima WA Real Estate

Real Estate values in Yakima haven’t seen the extreme peaks and valleys most other areas have seen, nevertheless, home values are down in Yakima, and there is a good number of Short Sale and Foreclosure Homes for Sale.